Short stories

April 26th

Town: Oberauoff, time: 6 p.m. I’m running out of water and it’s not long before I need to find a place for the night. I almost walked by the little bar before I turned my head and saw that it’s open. I enter and ask if I could have some water. A little conversation starts as people notice my large back-pack. After 20 minutes of kindness I leave the place with water, lots of motivation and a tupperware-box full of a home-cooked meal incl. desert, three pieces of my favourite cake Donauwelle. I had trouble eating my superb dinner as I was smiling too much.

April 30th.

I come through the little town of Maxsain, it’s around 4 p.m. when I met four construction workers. They just finished work and sat on the sidewalk with a case of beer (24 bottles). They started a small-talk and I walked over. Soon I sat with them on the sidewalk, had a beer in my hand and we talked about soccer. Around 90 minutes and four beers later I decided it’s better to get up and keep hiking before I never ever leave Maxsain. I “hiked” another 10 km.

May 1st.

I woke up with a little hang-over. I need a coffee. But it’s a national holiday and everything is closed, so it’s no coffee for me today. I’m slow and wish to have never left Maxsain. Half-way thorough the day I’m passing by Großer Wolfsstein, a rock landmark. There I see a group of maybe 15 people from old to young. They seem to enjoy their time and their pick-nick. It seemed that everyone brought a little something. And boy, they had everything: coffee, cake, soda, sausages, salads. I slowly walked by when I heard someone shouting “Hey, you want a coffee?” Heck yeah I wanted one but I decided to answer with “Yes, that would be nice!”. I poured myself a cup and we introduced ourselves, I mwas talking to the Marienberger Carnevalsverein, a club dedicated to carneval culture. They hike to this landmark every year on May 1st, they explained, because of a play they do. I spent about one hour with them, had more coffee and cake. But more importantly I had a veey nice conversation with amazing people. They made my day and who knows, maybe one given May 1st we meet again.

May 13th

It’s about 11 a.m. and I’m already 4.5 hrs into the day. It’s a nice uphill climb when a large group of kids come walking downhill. The accompanying adult sees my backpack and starts a conversation. Soon I had all kids, ages 7 – 10 around me being curious and asking me all kinds of questions regarding this adventure. It’s the little things in life what make a big difference. To inspire the future is a great gift and I’m happy I was a part of it.

7 hrs. later I’m standing in front of Biggi’s Treff, a bar in a small town called Bad Nenndorf. As I’m liw on water I walk inside to ask for some. The guests immediately started asking me questions, buying me beers and asking me more questions. It is amazing how much energy and motivation I receive from meeting so nice and warm-hearted people. But still remembering April 30th. I decide to leave after two beers and a basket full of promises to all send them a postcard from North-Cape.


200 km of Odenwald was the next stage finishing in Frankfurt. And wow, what a great time I had. Perfect weather, lovely scenery and great people.

Temperature was between 20 – 26 degr. C. with little winds. Just perfect for hiking!

The hills were all so soft swung like little waves in the ocean and the scenery changed between forest and open fields which offered all colours nature has to offer with flowers in bloom. The evaporating smell of nature attracted all kinds of animals and insects and I enjoyed the tickling in my nose. Spring comes alive and can be experienced everywhere. Just perfect for hiking!

I met people so interested and kind. Only one example: it was easter-sunday. One lady passed me by on her bike. We chatted for a bit and she excused herself from not being able to offer me some chocolate as she gave all to others already and she’s on her way home. We parted our ways and about 30 minutes later she was standing on the side of the trail waiting for me with chocolate, ice-cold carbonated water and other treats. How perfect that was!

Yes, indeed I enjoyed my time in this stage and finished it in Frankfurt meeting friends and taking a day off.

Black Forest

After leaving the town of Constanza with its likewise named lake, I headed towards the world-famous Black Forest. It took me ten days to reach the Westweg-Portal in Pforzheim, which marks the exit of this beautiful of Germany. Those ten days had it all: rain, snow, ice-cold nights, sunny temperatures, beautiful hiking-trails, soft hills and the highest point of the E1 in Germany. I saw tourist-towns and typical villages, I met nice and interested people and german middle-class snobism, I’ve slept in my tent, in huts, on camp-grounds and farm-houses. The Black Forest had it all!