That’s what we are talking about!

One thing I have learned from hiking the Malerweg two weeks ago is to not underestimate the elevation-chart and my base-weight. Base-weight is something I will work on when I’m in Scotland in October (hopefully!) but what I can do is looking at the pure numbers of the trail, elevation-chart, distance and stages.
For the last two days I sat in front of the computer and put together all gpx-data, looked at the elevation, checked out climate-charts for certain areas and browsed for sections with no daily resupply possibilities. After that I had the urgent feeling to contact Jared and Tomasz, who may joins us (hopefully!), and ask them for their motivation-status. They answered quickly.
Here’s the conclusion: it’ll be a huge challenge and a big adventure. But we are certain to tackle it!

Here’s a map for you to see what we plan on hiking:

Click title to show track


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  1. Hi
    We are planning a walk North on E1 from Sicily.
    Can I download your tracks as GPX files please?
    I have only found them on a Garmin site but because I do not have a Garmin device I cannot download the tracks to my PC for uploading to Android phone.

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