200 km of Odenwald was the next stage finishing in Frankfurt. And wow, what a great time I had. Perfect weather, lovely scenery and great people.

Temperature was between 20 – 26 degr. C. with little winds. Just perfect for hiking!

The hills were all so soft swung like little waves in the ocean and the scenery changed between forest and open fields which offered all colours nature has to offer with flowers in bloom. The evaporating smell of nature attracted all kinds of animals and insects and I enjoyed the tickling in my nose. Spring comes alive and can be experienced everywhere. Just perfect for hiking!

I met people so interested and kind. Only one example: it was easter-sunday. One lady passed me by on her bike. We chatted for a bit and she excused herself from not being able to offer me some chocolate as she gave all to others already and she’s on her way home. We parted our ways and about 30 minutes later she was standing on the side of the trail waiting for me with chocolate, ice-cold carbonated water and other treats. How perfect that was!

Yes, indeed I enjoyed my time in this stage and finished it in Frankfurt meeting friends and taking a day off.


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