Three Sixty-five to go …

… and counting!
The first blog. The first post. This is exciting!
I can imagine that everyone starting a blog thinks that, so let me come right to the point.
We are one year away from hiking the E 1 – a european long-distance hiking trail traversing europe from sicily to the north cape covering a distance of around 8.000 km or roughly 5,000 mi.
Who is “we”? Well “we” are Jared and I, Björn. Jared is from the United States and I am from Germany. I won’t write a lot about Jared, I rather let him do it for himself. Just so much: we met last year hiking the Camino (Camino Frances) in France and Spain and that’s where we have decided to hike the E1 together. The next months I am going to write a little bit about the Camino and other past trails I have hiked as well as I will keep you updated on the preparation for the big upcoming adventure.
So stay tuned!

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  1. Hallo lieber Björn, es war echt inspirierend, Dich am Großen Wolfstein auf der Marienberger Höhe auf Deiner Etappe zur Fuchskaute kennengelernt zu haben. Ich und wir alle vom Marienberger Carnevals Verein wünschen Dir einen guten Weg und gesunde Füße und vor allem tolle Gespräche und Erfahrungen. See you next year, same place & time! Sven und der MCV Bad Marienberg

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