Day 18

After a lazy day in Reggio di Calabria and a hearty breakfast at the Guest Housewe started at around 9 a.m. to head for Gambarie, a small town in the mountains roughly 32 km away. Our plan was to pitch our tents 2 km before town at a rest-area.Today was all about going uphill, a long long 32 km uphill hike. I didn’t feel too confident about today in the morning but I was more fit than I thought. The climb went easy for me. Arriving at the rest-area I found that place very wet with many puddles and snow. I waited for J. to arrive and we decided to go into town and find a warm place to stay for night…so we did.

Is there anything else to say about today? – Hmmm, yes. I didn’t expect to find any trail-marks, but there were quite a few (at weird placed). Some however led us on rather unpleasant, not maintained trails so I decided to road-walk most of the day.

A strange place for a trail-mark.

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