Day 19

Today J. and I decided to go separate ways for a few days. While he decided to follow the Sentiero Italia (SI) further high up into the mountains, may plan was to hike the road for a few days and stay below snow-level of around 1100 m. My experience on Etna was enough snow-adventure for a while and rather poor trail-maintenance of the SI yesterday made my decision for hiking the road easy.

Hiking the road meant to walk downhill all day. After breakfast we started late at around 10 a.m. but I still hiked 30 km. I found a nice flat camp-spot under some olive-trees. The temperature is okay, maybe around 5 degrees and the sky is clear. Even though road-walking is definitely not my favorite, I had a good day.

Did I loose my way and ended up in Scotland?

For more pictures visit our album on fb “E1 – That’s how livin’ is done!” or

Hiking-stats are here.


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