Tomorrow we leave the Region of Basilicata, only 15 km left. It was beautiful 4 days. On the first day we hiked up to 1.660 m; snow was very deep up there. Withouseeing any trail-marks we bushwhacked our way up, steep and strenuous but fun with a hint of adventure. Still afterwards we decided to stay below snow-level for a while. Hiking on side-roads isn’t so bad after all. We enjoy the mountain scenery aruus as we can relax mentally a bit while hiking.

As we enter Campania tomorrow, we have to find our way as we go. The SI would constantly take us above snow-level and I’m not ready to go up there again.

Well, we’ll see. Stay tuned and find our pictures on our fb Album “E1 – That’s how livin’ is done!” or on

Hiking stats are found on my garmin page, click here.


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