Campania (Part 2)

This is for the people we’ve met so far. This is to the great kindness and hospitality we experience every single day. This is to the motivation boost we get, when people approach us with curiosity and openness. In every town, in every bar and restaurant there are those incredible nice people we want to take a minute to say “Thank you!” to. We have met complete strangers stopping their cars to talk to us, people walking across fields to know about us, school-classes on their way to somewhere stopping and asking us questions, people stepping out of their homes and opening them up inviting us in for short brakes or long stays. Some people have called their friends organizing a feast at the evening and countless people helped finding places to stay.

We must admit, we don’t remember all names and haven’t taken all the pictures as we should have but here are some wonderful people where we do have pictures of.

Carmine (Serino)

Maria (Avellino)

Gino and his hiking-group in Valle dell’ Angelo

Enzo and his friends at NataStoria (Bucciano)

Geraldo (Serre)

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