Campania (Part III)

It’s February 27th and we left Campania for good today and will arrive in Scapoli tomorrow; we both are very excited about that. It feels like we achieved another milestone after being in Campania for over 400 km. We hope to find continous trailmarks from there on snd when we look on the map , now that we finished Campania, it looks like not so close to Sicily any more. Yes, we know, hard facts say that we have already hiked over 1.400 km but often it doesn’t look like much on the map…

  • So yes, we both are very excited about
    • leaving Campania and
    • reaching Scapoli tomorrow, which by the way is ca. 50 % of Italy

    If you want to see pics and vids you find them here and here.

    All statistics to our hike are to be found here.


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