Time flies

Since we left Scapoli 12 days ago quite a lot has happened. First we got disappointed by not finding any trailmarks and still being on trails which are not always fun to hike on, due to thorns, bushes or no trail at all. But finally, starting around Massa D’Albe our trail is finally signed and the trail mostly hikeable with fun. We have had spring-like weather, no rain and, of course, beautiful scenery. The hospitality is incredible. We keep meeting nice people every day and often it seems they become even nicer every day, where we really don’t know how this can be…

Besides the usual story it happened that J. and I got separated last week and walked by ourselves for a few days. (I hope J. writes an article about that;-)). Today we reunited again in the town of Posta where I have taken a zero-day. I’ve really enjoyed my time alone and met nice and beautiful people but I’m also happy to have J. around again. We made the plan for the next 10 days and decided to go to Rome for a day or two before we finally meet our principessa Alice (find her story here) again.

As the next days are going to be exciting, we may have stories to tell. So stay tuned, check out our pics and vids here and here or just feel free to look at our stats and follow our trail here.


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